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Petunia Transcriptome Data Released

As part of this project, Cornelius Barry's group participated in sequencing, assembly and annotation of transcriptomes of  Petunia axillarisP. exserta, and P. integrifolia. As Described in Guo et al. BMC Genomics 2015, 16:726  doi:10.1186/s12864-015-1931-4, "These equences are available under Genbank/EMBL/DDBJ BioProject numbers PRJNA262254, PRJNA262142, and PRJNA261953. These include SRA (Sequence Read Archive) runs for P. axillaris: SRR1585615, SRR1585635, SRR1585830, and SRR1585954-1585955; P. exserta: SRR1586492-1586494, SRR1586500, and SRR1586504; P. integrifolia: SRR1587109, SRR1587150-1587151, and SRR1587153-1587154. Transcriptome Shotgun Assembly projects were also deposited under accessions GBRU00000000 (P. axillaris), GBRT00000000 (P. exserta), and GBRV00000000 (P. integrifolia). The versions described in this paper are the first versions of these assemblies (GBRU01000000, GBRT01000000, GBRV01000000). The SNPs are available at NCBI dbSNP under accession numbers ss1750993386 - ss1751108187"